HBU-UClan School of Media, Communication and Creative Industries Holds the 2019 Convocation Ceremony银川长聚祥贸易有限公司

In the morning of June 21st, HBU-UClan School of Media, Communication and Creative Industries holds the 2019 convocation ceremony in Handan Concert Hall.

The member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President, Shen Shigang, the member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President, Meng Qingyu, the International Director of the University of Central Lancashire, Paul Rowe, the Director of Planning Development in University of Central Lancashire, Melinda Tan, and the leading comrades from the International Cooperation Office and Academic Affairs attend the ceremony. Both Chinese and foreign teachers and about 60 students as well as their parents attend the convocation ceremony.

Shen Shigang and Paul Rowe as representatives of HBU and Uclan respectively award the graduates degree and diploma. Meng Qingyu award honorary certificates to outstanding graduates of the college.

Among 181 graduates of HBU-UClan School of Media, Communication and Creative Industries in 2019, there are 170 students with double degrees of Hebei University and University of Central Lancashire, 5 students with three bachelors degrees (including double degrees of HBU), 14 students with first-class honorary degree in UClan and 101 students have got the graduate admissions of world-renowned universities such as the Royal College of Art, the University of the Arts London and the University College of London.





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